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Foamex Correx Dispa Acrylic Dibond Board Print

Foamex, Correx, Cardboard, Acrylic & Aluminium Dibond Prints 

Explore our range of rigid media options and discover the perfect canvas for your prints. Whether you're looking for versatility, elegance, durability, or a combination of these features, our selection has you covered. Transform your vision into reality with premium quality rigid media for all your printing needs.

Some typical uses for printed rigid media:

Branding Panels

Shell Scheme Panels

Lifesize Standees

Advertising Panels

Corporate Signage

Hand Waving Padels

Cut-to-Shape Displays

Step & Repeat Panels

Informational Signage

Wall Plaques

Product POS Displays

Exhibition Ceiling Hangings

Event Maps

Stage & Media Backdrops

Sponsorship Panels

Most of the materials have various finish options and accessories to suit your requirements including:

2mm - 10mm Thickness

Double Sided Print

Custom Cut-to-Shape

Rounded Corners

Drilled Holes

Matt or Gloss Lamination

Writable Dry-Wipe Lamination

Rigid Panel Holder

Fold Out Struts

Freestanding Foamex Panel Holder_edited.

We offer great discounts on multiple printed boards/units so please use the Enquiry Form below or Email to contact us with your requirements for a quick response and best pricing.

Dispa Display Board - The Eco-Friendly Option:

Discover the revolutionary potential of Dispa cardboard for your printing endeavours. This innovative substrate seamlessly blends the lightweight attributes of foam board with the eco-friendly environmental advantages of traditional cardboard. Crafted from FSC-certified paper fibres, Dispa ensures a sustainable choice for eco-conscious projects without compromising on strength. Its smooth and uniform surface provides an ideal canvas for high-quality printing, making it perfect for applications ranging from retail displays and signage to exhibition stands and packaging.

Foamex - The Versatile Choice:

Transform your ideas into eye-catching displays with Foamex, a versatile rigid media perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its lightweight yet rigid structure makes it easy to handle and install, while the smooth surface ensures stunning, high-quality prints. From vibrant retail signage to durable exhibition displays, Foamex is the choice for those seeking versatility and impact.


Correx / Corrugated Plastic - Lightweight and Durable:

For cost-effective, lightweight solutions without compromising durability, Corrugated Plastic is the answer. This rigid media is perfect for temporary signage, event displays, and promotional campaigns. Easy to cut and shape, Corrugated Plastic offers flexibility in design while being an eco-friendly choice. Choose sustainability without sacrificing impact.

Dibond - Premium Metal Composite:

Elevate your brand with Dibond, a premium metal composite rigid media. Combining the elegance of aluminum with a polyethylene core, Dibond offers exceptional strength and a sleek, contemporary look. Perfect for high-end signage, corporate displays, and architectural applications, Dibond brings sophistication and durability to your prints.

Cardboard - Strength Meets Versatility:

Transform your visions into reality with our premium selection of rigid cardboard for all your printing needs. Rigid cardboard, also known as paperboard, combines strength with versatility, making it an ideal canvas for impactful prints across diverse applications such as lifesize standees, POS displays and temporary signage.

Acrylic - Elegance in Every Print:

Elevate your prints with Acrylic, a premium rigid media that combines clarity and durability. Its glass-like surface enhances the vibrancy of colors, making it ideal for creating sophisticated signage, stunning wall art, and elegant point-of-sale displays. Let your designs shine through with Acrylic, where brilliance meets resilience.

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Turnaround time is 3-4 days depending on specification, standard Next-Day delivery is included.

Express Production and delivery is available


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